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So now you know that you need some ongoing help, but not quite sure where to begin and what to start on first. This is where we come in and work with your team (or just you!) to ensure you know what we're up to and that we're meeting your expectations and goals. We'll create a strategic communication plan that will serve as your 'road map' for the next year. You'll be able to see where you're going and how all the moving parts will fit together. Here's what this 'silver level' package includes...


  • a 1.5 hour in-depth kick-off meeting (zoom or in-person)

  • identify any gaps, errors, and provide verbal recommendations to the client

  • review tools and tactics for appropriateness and practicality

  • prioritize the recommended tools and tactics

  • develop a strategic communications plan that captures key messages, strategy, objectives, goals, tools and tactics, and measurement

  • identify the top three key areas, within the plan, to focus on (social media, media relations, speaking engagements or events, to name a few...)

  • engage resources, if required  (e.g web designer, videographer, photographer etc.). Additional expenses required

  • provide weekly updates to the client

  • provide coaching and advice, as needed

  • 20 hours per month.  Any additional hours or resources required will be charged separately with the client’s approval and in addition to the initial quote. 

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