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Sometimes, you just don't have the time or the interest to do what we love to do. And, that's okay. Not everyone gets excited about this kind of stuff. Not to worry - with this 'gold level' package, we'll just do it all for you. Imagine that? Your own personal communications team available to you for one monthly fee. It's one less thing that you need to worry about and you know it will get done better than ever! Here's what this 'gold package' can offer you....

  • unlimited and exclusive access via text, email or cell during normal business hours, five days a week from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday to a communications professional with over 25 years’ experience

  • provide full-service communications/public relations assistance and become your extended communications team

  • monitor and respond to crisis’, if they should arise

  • monitor social media and responds to tweets/posts/comments

  • write a weekly blog post based upon an agreed editorial calendar

  • write speeches, presentations, content for collateral materials, advertorials, op-eds, as needed

  • research and identify speaking engagement opportunities and advocate for the client to be a keynote speaker at those events

  • provide coaching and media training/preparation, as needed

  • manage, organize and implement events, from start-to-finish, as required. Event expenses will be in addition to Catchphrase’s fee

  • draft emails to employees, customers, or clients using the same key message, tone and voice.

  • measure social media engagement and provide a monthly analytics report

  • additional resources brought in as necessary (additional charge)

  • 30 hours per month. Any additional hours or resources required will be charged separately with the client’s approval and in addition to the initial quote. 

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