Hmmm...not quite sure where to start? Not to worry. We've got you. With this entry-level package, we'll take a look behind the curtain to see what you've got started, but maybe not quite finished yet. We'll review it all and provide a high-level report that will identify what you need to do next.  Here's what this bronze package can offer...

  •  a 1.5 hour kick-off meeting (zoom or in-person) to discuss what’s working and what’s not; who your competition is; and, what your vision and goals are for your business over the next year.

  • review the content of your existing collateral materials (brochures, pamphlets, press releases, speeches etc.) or whatever you've got

  • review and provide comments on your existing websites, paying particular attention to user-friendliness, key messages, tone, voice, consistency and accuracy

  • research and provide feedback on your competitors and what they're doing or not doing
  • review your social media channels for engagement and activity

  • provide a high-level report summarizing findings and providing recommendations for next steps

  • 10 hours of work. Any additional hours or resources required will be charged separately  with the client’s approval and in addition to the initial quote. 


 on us! 

We'll pay for coffee and go from there...

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