"I always found Sandra to be a pleasure to deal with. She was thoughtful, strategic and resourceful. And, she found creative public relations solutions aimed at addressing current industry challenges."


- Senior Manager, leading transportation and midstream service company 

"Sandra is one of those people that just makes things easier. She listens to the client, offers solid advice and recommendations and then makes it happen. She earns respect quickly from all levels of the organization and her ability to create a seamless work environment between her team and the clients team is one of her strengths."


- Manager, international pipeline, storage and facilities company  

“Sandra is an incredible manager who is able to motivate, teach and guide and invites participation, collaboration and growth. She has an enviable flair for writing and a great eye for the strategic big picture. Sandra is a wonderful person to work with and an experienced and dedicated communicator."


- Former employee


"Sandra was a great client, always the epitome of cheerfulness and collaboration. We regularly brainstormed great content for her organization, and enjoyed working together very much. Her journalistic background gave her keen insight and a great perspective on communications, both traditional and digital."


- President, digital and communications company


"Sandra and her team were a huge help to us during our busiest time of the year. She offered us sound advice in the areas of communications strategy during significant times of change. She worked with our team on a major employee engagement initiative; and she managed several events that ranged from 10 to nearly 1,000 people. All the events were very successful and drew attention from senior executives for their flawless execution and implementation." 


- Manager, international pipeline, storage and facilities company

"Sandra is a pleasure to work with. She has a strategic approach, ensuring PR efforts are focused on achievement of business objectives. Sandra also has a deep understanding of the oil and gas industry and its key players, which is a great asset."


- Vice President, Marketing