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Thought Leadership &
Speaking Engagements

Imagine this: You're standing in front of a crowd, all eyes fixed on you, waiting for your every word. Whether you're presenting a project, pitching an idea, or delivering a keynote speech, having a solid speaking engagement strategy is like having a roadmap to guide you through the journey of communication.

But why do you need a well-thought out speaking engagement strategy? First off, your time is valuable.  So, it makes sense to focus your limited time, energy and effort on people (read: potential customers) that are interested in what it is you have to say and what you can offer them. This can make all the difference between a acquiring that new customer or not? 

A good speech to the right audience can also raise awareness about an issue you or your company cares deeply about and enables you to share your knowledge to the world. A ho-hum speech versus one that leaves a lasting impression can make all the difference. And the more killer speeches you give, the better off  you’ll be – and who doesn’t want that? 

So, here’s how we can help you...


Clarify Objectives

Let's start by defining your goals. Are you aiming to inspire, educate, or promote? Having a clear purpose as we develop your speaking engagement strategy ensures that every aspect is aligned.


Understanding Your Audience

Picture your audience—what drives them? What challenges them? What information are they looking for? We'll tailor your message to speak directly to your audience’s needs and interests, ensuring that we capture their attention and deliver value.


Spot Opportunities

We'll scout for events where your target audience gathers— things like conferences, workshops, seminars, webinars, lunches, or virtual platforms. Each opportunity is a chance to connect with your target audience and make a significant impact.


Pitch with Precision

We'll do the pitching for you and as the ideal speaker for these events, we’ll highlight your expertise and the value you can bring to the table. Our pitch will be tailored to each unique speaking opportunity and it will demonstrate your expertise of the topic.


Craft a Compelling Speech or Presentation

Your message is your currency and it needs to be authentic, relevant, and engaging. We'll create your speech and its content so that is sounds and feels like you. And, in doing so, your well-crafted speech or presentation will resonate that much better with your audience and showcase your expertise and unique perspective.


Practice and Prepare

Practice makes perfect. We'll rehearse with you so you’ll feel confident, polished and your message is delivered with clarity and impact. They’ll be no shaky voice or wobbly knees when you deliver your speech. We got you. 


Generate Buzz

Let's drum up excitement for your speaking engagements too. We'll highlight the benefits of why someone should listen to what you have to say and what they’re missing out on if they don’t attend. We’ll shout it from the rooftops (not literally!) and leverage our marketing channels to promote your appearance and encourage attendance.

With our speaking engagement strategy in place and our passion to help, we're ready to make a meaningful impact with your audience and achieve your goals -- one speaking engagement at a time.

So WHY is a solid Speaking Engagement plan important to you?

Brand Visibility and Recognition

Message Control and Consistency

Direct Communication

Regular speaking engagements increase the visibility of our clients, helping them reach broader and more diverse audiences. Not to mention it positions our clients as authorities and thought leaders in their field.

A well-thought-out speaking engagement plan ensures that our client’s key messages are clear, consistent, and aligned with their broader objectives. This strategic approach helps to reinforce the brand's values, mission, and vision, ensuring that the audience receives a coherent and powerful message.

Speaking engagements provide our clients with a platform to communicate their key messages directly to their target audiences without the filter of a third-party.

Consistent Messaging

Networking and Building Relationships

Engaging with Audience

It ensures that the client’s messaging remains consistent and aligns with their strategic goals and branding efforts.

Speaking at events allows our clients to network with industry leaders, potential customers, partners, and other important stakeholders.

It provides an opportunity to engage directly with the audience, gaining feedback, and fostering a community around our client’s brand or message.

Lead Generation

Partnership Opportunities

Positive Public Image

Speaking engagements are a huge opportunity for our clients to generate leads and attract potential customers. 

They open up opportunities for partnerships and collaborations with other industry players.

Regularly participating in speaking engagements helps build a positive public image and can enhance our client’s image.

Crisis Communication

Skill Enhancement

Thought Leadership

In times of crisis, having a strong reputation and solid credibility can significantly help in managing and communicating during difficult times.

Regular speaking engagements can help our clients refine their public speaking and presentation skills.

It encourages our clients to stay updated with industry trends and developments, not to mention, helps to continually enhance their knowledge and expertise.

Media Coverage

Knowledge Sharing

Influence and Inspiration

Speaking at high-profile events often attracts media attention, providing even more publicity.

It allows our clients to share their knowledge, insights, and innovations with others, contributing to the growth and education of their industry or community.

Clients can influence and inspire others, driving change and fostering new ideas within their field.

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