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Media Relations

Media relations is like navigating a bustling bazaar where every interaction is a delicate dance of words and intentions. Imagine a world where every journalist, reporter, and media outlet is a potential ally or adversary in shaping the narrative. Sounds scary? It doesn’t have to be.

Media relations is not just about sending out press releases and hoping for the best; it's about crafting stories, building relationships, and knowing when to step into the spotlight or gracefully fade into the background. 

At Catchphrase, we believe that developing and managing positive relationships with the media involves equal parts strategy, diplomacy and storytelling. The stakes are high, but the rewards of a well-executed media campaign can be truly extraordinary.  

So, what can we create for you? Here’s just a few things...


Media Training

We’ll work with the key spokespeople in your company to help them understand the media landscape and outlets. We’ll also develop the key messages, different interviewing techniques, sound bites, and how to handle questions. But, more than that, we’ll also do some mock interviews and role-playing, so that you’ll be prepared for anything that comes your way.


Media Kits

A comprehensive package containing all essential information about your organization or event. It typically includes press releases, fact sheets, bios, images, company history, and any other relevant materials.


Media Pitches

We’ll create a media list and then personalized emails or calls to journalists that we think might want to hear about your product, services or events. We will tailored the pitch to your beat and interest. Pitches are a good way to grab the media’s attention and convince them to cover your story.


Backgrounders/ Fact Sheets

These are the ‘cheat sheets’ on your company. They’re concise documents providing background information about your company, product, or event. They help journalists understand the context of your story quickly.


Bios and Executive Profiles

In every organization, the profiles of key personnel are a valuable tool to promote the brand and raise awareness of your company. These profiles will highlight your senior leaders’ expertise, accomplishments and relevance. They’re a great way to build relationships with the media and put a name to a face.


Press Releases

These are your bread and butter. Press releases communicate newsworthy information about your company, product launches, events, or significant developments. But, most importantly, they need to be relevant to the media outlet’s beat. No point in sending a press release to an outlet that has nothing to do with what you’re promoting. We can help weed through the outlets and make sure you’re sending it to the right ones.


Media Alerts/Advisories

This is another way to build relationships with the media and let them know about upcoming events, press conferences, or significant announcements.


Op-Eds and Guest Articles

These are thought leadership pieces written by us but in collaboration with the senior leaders or experts in your company. Usually it’s written from the senior leaders or experts point of view and offering insights or commentary on industry-related topics.


Infographics and Visual Content

Eye-catching visuals, charts, or graphics that accompany press releases or social media posts to enhance storytelling and engage audiences visually.


Press Conferences and Media Events

These are organized events where you can directly engage with journalists, answer questions, and unveil newsworthy information.


Media Interviews

Arranging interviews with key spokespeople within your organization to provide insights, commentary, or information to journalists.

So WHY do you need a comprehensive Media Relations campaign effort? Here are a few reasons:

Visibility and Exposure

Credibility and Trust

Brand Building

Positive media coverage can significantly enhance visibility and understanding of your brand, products and services.

Being featured in reputable media outlets can enhance credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of the public. Positive media coverage acts as a third-party endorsement validating your expertise and offerings.

Solid media relations efforts can contribute to building and shaping your brand image. By securing positive coverage and controlling the narrative, you can establish yourself as an industry leader, innovator, or authority in their field.

Reputation Management

Audience Engagement

Business Growth

Effective media relations can help manage your reputation during times of crisis or controversy. Skilled PR professionals (like us!) can provide strategic counsel and help our clients navigate media inquiries and public scrutiny.

Media coverage provides an opportunity for our clients to engage with their target audiences on a broader scale. Through interviews, articles, and other forms of media content, our clients can communicate key messages directly to their audiences and foster meaningful connections. And, who doesn’t want that?

Positive media coverage can drive business growth by attracting new customers, partners, investors, and opportunities. Increased visibility and credibility can lead to more leads, sales, and partnerships for the our clients.

Influence and Thought Leadership:

Media relations can help clients establish themselves as thought leaders within their industry. By sharing valuable insights, opinions, and expertise through media channels, our clients can position themselves as go-to authorities in their field, attracting attention and opportunities.

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