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Are you overwhelmed by social media?

Some days, it is so easy to fall down that rabbit hole called social media. One minute you're thinking that you'll just whip up a quick post, but two hours later, you find yourself researching the benefits of cotton vs polyester socks. What the heck? How did I get here?

Social media can be the BIGGEST consumer of your time, but for small businesses, especially during COVID, social media may be the ONLY way they can connect with their potential customers or clients.

So, what do we do? Well, if you can break social media into bite-size pieces and organize your time really well, then it won't be so overwhelming. For example, instead of writing four posts in one sitting, plan your week by using task batching. Task batching is grouping together similar tasks. Before you publish your beautiful post, you know you'll need to do some research; then you'll need to do some writing; then some editing, and, of course, you'll do some graphic design.

So, instead of doing all of this for one post, do all your research one day, your writing another day, and so on. That way, you won't find yourself down the rabbit hole and you'll feel more productive.

Let me know how this works for you and leave a comment or two below.


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