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Isn't it time to get real?

As I scroll through my LinkedIn newsfeed, it occurs to me that my feed is full of congratulatory posts of so-and-so's latest promotion or that their company (insert company name here) is the best and most amazing ever. Not that I'm not proud of my colleagues for their accomplishments, but aren't you tired of these types of posts?

LinkedIn is a forum for business leaders, professionals, and colleagues to discuss, debate, and focus on things that matter to them on a personal, yet business level. Do I want to hear about little Johnny's first day of school on LinkedIn? Nope. Let's save that for Instagram or Facebook.

But, I'd LOVE to hear about the challenges you're facing at work. Things that may be able to help me in my daily grind too. Maybe how you're coping with working from home during the global pandemic or trying to keep your business afloat as the rules for businesses keep changing during this pandemic? Or, even if you are worried about when or how we will get out of this pandemic and eventually return to our offices?

In Canada, we have a federal election coming up in a matter of days. Isn't LinkedIn a good opportunity to share the pros and cons of how a potentially new government might impact your business or your work/life balance? Rather than re-posting a corporate press release, why not, post some original content and start a discussion?

Healthy and respectful opinions matter. It is how we learn and grow. I'm not looking for ill-conceived thoughts or verbal explosions and tirades. I'm looking to learn from some of the brightest and best leaders in their respective industries. And, I'm proud to say that my LinkedIn connections fall into this category. (BTW, I don't accept all LinkedIn connections - only those that I've met personally and I'd be willing to hand them my business card!)

So, let's get real with our posts on LinkedIn and use this forum for what it was meant to be, which is to "connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful".

Thanks for always!


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